Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GSoC: Stage, slides management. Update 3

Hello KDE Planet!. I've passed the mid-term evaluation and my project is progressing in good shape. So I start by thanking my mentor T. Zachmann, and Jean-Nicolas A for their valuable guidance during my work.
Returning to my project, this time I want to introduce the interface to create alternative presentations or custom slide shows.  

As I am a bit lazy to write a detailed description of the changes, I present the most relevant in a short video:


As you can see the slide sorter view also has experienced some changes since the last time I wrote, and I have implemented many of the suggestions made ​​in some comments on the previous post. As always I expect new suggestions on how to improve my work. So feel free to comment.

For those who want, all these changes are already in the main development branch of Calligra, so they can be tested by anyone and you can help me reporting any bugs you find.